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Still, carriages on carriages, dresses on dresses, colours on colours , crowds upon crowds, without end. Bartolomeo Pinelli, costumes of Roman Carnival, From: Lettre de M. Sajou, The proceedings of the conference Bernini disegnatore: nuove prospettive di ricerca — held in Rome in April — have now been published. The collection includes initial results of my collaboration with Tod Marder on his new edition of Heinrich Brauer and Rudolf Wittkower, Die Zeichnungen des Gianlorenzo Bernini , 2 vols.

Berlin: Keller, Sybille Ebert-Schifferer, Tod A. The conference program is now available online, and features twelve panels organized in four sessions of three panels each.

The images below give a preview of the themes to be covered by the five papers in my session. Last week the Austrian National Library launched its digitized postcard portal AKON Ansichtskarten Online with over 75, historic postcards available to browse and download.

Both collections focus primarily on European postcards. Many of these images provide valuable information about buildings or urban ensembles now destroyed or dramatically altered, while others offer amusing presentations of familiar sites. Most images are freely available to use and download under a variety of Creative Commons licenses or public domain designations. The navigation on the AKON site is intuitive but slightly clumsy, based on a zoomable world map.


The ETH site includes extensive metadata with its images, automatically creating captions. Click any image to link to its source. Emanuele, II. Ricordo Nazionale. This is simply wrong. Battezzati di S. Rinaldo Guarini e di Sig.


His final vows to the order, taken at age 17 in April , preserve the earliest known sample of his handwriting and autograph signature image above. Even German Wikipedia has it right. Only in the early nineteenth century does it begin to spread to English, German, and other texts. Even with the best intentions, simple mistakes or more complicated ones easily creep into all kinds of texts. Many of the Wikipedia entries on Guarini have added a new inaccuracy to their account of his life, giving his birthday as 7 January rather than 17 January.

The exact date of his birth is known from a later document produced at the time of his ordination in No one is exempt from such errors. So even the legendary fact-checking department at the New Yorker also slips up sometimes. My own confession is this: when writing my dissertation, I failed to double-check all of the details, choosing instead to rely on my memory for material I thought I knew well. Years later I was horrified to discover that the error was picked up in the Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani entry on Guarini, cited above. False information gets introduced into even authoritative reference works so easily and inadvertently.

Did I really read it that way? Does that make sense? Bulgarelli, C. Rome, 13 July Probably written for a grand Vespers service held at the church of S.

Rome, May — June Probably first performed on Trinity Sunday at Francesco Ruspoli 's private chapel. London, c. Cannons , — Lawrence, Whitchurch , London. Chandos Anthem No.


Also considered a Canticle. Cannons, — Transcribed for orchestra by Edward Elgar in as the Overture in D minor , and by Stokowski in The overture was later reused in Handel's oboe concerto No. Two movements added later. As pants the hart.

October 24, 2017

Orchestrated version of HWV a. Scored for organ and basso continuo alone. There is no evidence that the work was performed during Handel's lifetime. The trio "Thou rulest the raging sea" performed at Cannons but probably spurious; possibly composed by Johann Christoph Pepusch or Nicola Francesco Haym instead. Misattributed to Handel in Arnold's edition and in HG By Maurice Greene, before Coronation Anthem No.

Performed at the Anointing. Let Thy Hand Be Strengthened. Sung at the Recognition the King being presented to the people. The King Shall Rejoice. Should have been sung at the Recognition, but instead it was performed at the Crowning. My Heart is Inditing. Performed during the coronation of the Queen. Revised for the wedding of Princess Mary.

Probably first performed fully choral without solo movements. The Sinfonia was not performed at the funeral and was probably added later. To celebrate the peace of Aix-la-Chapelle Aachen. Blessed are they that considereth the poor or Foundling Hospital Anthem.

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Foundling Hospital Chapel, London. First performance probably in fully choral version. The solo movements were probably added c. St Paul's Cathedral , London. Utrecht Jubilate. Te Deum "Queen Caroline". Composed by Handel during his stay with the Duke of Chandos at Cannons.

https://phahandgersra.tk Originally concluded with 'Alleluja' chorus HG 20, p. First performed with "Athalia" HWV Referred to as Organ Concerto "No. The bird-song motives of the 2nd movement earned the concerto the nickname, "The Cuckoo and the Nightingale". Referred to as organ concerto "No.

Arranged from Concerto Grosso in G minor Op. An adagio for two organs. Ending adapted by Handel to lead into another movement.

Sometimes referred to as organ concerto "No. Performed with "Theodora" HWV Final gavotte in published version probably added later by Smith Jr. No Handel autograph. Earliest surviving manuscript score from c. Probably the earliest concerto in the Op. Known as the "St.