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Another idea currently being implemented in Denmark is a benchmark on environmental indicators to complement those already in place for the economic efficiency of the water sector. Pavel Misiga cited the revision of the WFD in as an opportunity to consider new EU-wide objectives or benchmarks.

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In any case, the International Energy Agency underlined the urgency of tackling the water-energy nexus, saying the cost of inaction will eventually skyrocket. EU water policies comprise a large body of legislation covering areas as diverse as flood management, bathing-water quality, chemicals in water, clean drinking water, groundwater protection and urban waste water. However, it is unclear whether this has, in fact, resulted in any change in national policies, the European Environment Agency says.

Water use by sector varies across the European Union — with agriculture the main consumer of freshwater in more arid regions, while energy, home and industrial consumption lead in damper climates. Calls for efficiency measures are growing, and not just from policymakers. Leading water-consuming industries, including beverage and food manufacturers, are taking steps to improve efficiency to cut costs, as concerns about supply security mount.

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EU figures show that while much of Europe has ample freshwater, parts of Spain, France, Italy, Britain, Belgium and the Baltic states, along with much of Cyprus, have faced stress or extreme stress in recent years — with demand exceeding supply. COM Ltd. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Contact us. Water pricing is key As a result, the Danish water sector only uses 1. Like many of you, I have a budget to manage my personal life. The budget ensures I have the funds available to pay the mortgage, electricity, water, cable, and so on.

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I need to make sure I plan for these expenses so I have a good I have. Those were the longest days of my life.

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