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Were your later presenting jobs with commercial channels more lucrative? That was when I realised I was earning decent money. I then used everything I had to buy a plot of land overlooking Richmond Park. I put everything into building the house and enjoyed it for about a year. The pair who called the Wall Street Crash. I lost everything overnight. It was about maintaining my innocence [the charges were dropped in July ].

The Scavenger's Daughter

And I also started having to pay for lawyers and PR agencies, so any savings I had disappeared. Did you not attempt to win compensation when your case was thrown out? Critics claimed that torture was ineffective as well as cruel, and that a man on the rack would say anything to be released. From the midth-century onwards, torture was effectively abandoned.

Apart from the instruments themselves, there were other ways of assuring cooperation, such as the very close confinement afforded by a truly tiny cell.

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In the Tower, the notorious chamber known as 'Little Ease' measured just 1. There has been much speculation about the location of Little Ease, although the truth may never be known for certain. As part of their interrogation, many prisoners were subjected to threats and intimidation - another form of torture, though this time at the discretion of the lieutenant and warders. The authorities played on the prisoners' fear: for example, the clerk of the Council introduced John Gerard to 'the master of torture', but Gerard later found out that this was a trick to frighten him, and the man was in fact an artillery officer in the Tower.

A certain amount of information has survived about the individuals who actually tortured prisoners in the Tower. There is an important distinction between those who operated the instruments, and those who questioned the prisoners during each session. The Warders of the Tower, under the command of the lieutenant, saw to the physical business of torture.

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The interrogations themselves were carried out by two or three commissioners, usually including at least one law officer, such as the royal attorney or solicitor. One of the most notorious commissioners was 'Norton the Rackmaster' Thomas Norton, MP and Recorder of London, who interrogated prisoners in the late s and early s. On his death in he was replaced by Richard Topcliffe, who operated as an interrogator all over England.

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Topcliffe was fanatically anti-Catholic but held no formal office, and appears to have carried out much of the torturing in person. While Topcliffe and Norton took to their jobs with near relish, other officers found the duty an unpleasant one.

Medieval Torture

John Gerard later heard that Sir Richard Berkeley resigned as lieutenant, not wishing to be involved in torture again. Torture Instruments The Rack The rack was the most infamous and widely used instrument of torture. It is thought that the earliest mention of the rack is in the Ancient Greek texts of Aristophanes. From Roman times to the middle ages there are few records of the use of the rack, but it was increasingly employed by the Spanish Inquisition from around Voice of the Sphinx.

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