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  • She obviously didn't take it seriously. Tyene Sand of A Song of Ice and Fire is in training to be a septa, and puts on a show of being sweet and pious — being blonde , blue-eyed and beautiful doesn't hurt. However, she's also a Master Poisoner and just as bloodthirsty and deadly as any of her Badass Family. There's also Sister Serendipity, who has joined holy orders until the FBI stop looking for her Sister Agnes says it was all a misunderstanding, and it's not like she succeeded in shooting the senator.

    Kitsune Sura of Spirit Hunters drinks a lot, makes dirty jokes, gambles, eats tons of meat, and streaks in public, surprising many who hear that she's a priestess.

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    • Her standard response is that she's a Taoist, not a Buddhist like most of them are used to. Though in real life one of the two major schools of Daoshi has similar requirements as Buddhist monks, the other doesn't. In Sammy Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy , Sammy's church is visited by some very free-spirited nuns the titular Sisters of Mercy who are very kind and devoted but also enjoy playing jaunty music on the organ during Mass and dancing in outfits made of purple feathers.

      Sammy considers them unusual but loves having them around. It then turns out that they use their act as a way to stick around churches long enough to steal anything of value, which makes it possible that they were only posing as nuns. In Rangers At Roadsend Chip, who spent some time at the temple because her parents wanted her to become a Sister, reveals that the Sisters are not particularly humble or forgiving, or even chaste. While the religion is not Christianity, the Sisterhood seems to have similar requirements.

      Considering that many of the other Sisters are probably also there because their parents wanted it so, the reasons for the lack of holiness are probably the same as in the Middle Ages. Live Action TV. Desmond on Lost became a monk after receiving a sign from God, but was kicked out for drinking the wine made at the monastery and it being clear that it wasn't where he belonged. Pushing Daisies had a plot in the second season where Olive became a nun to avoid the stress from all the secrets people entrusted her with.

      Olive herself wasn't that great of a nun trying desperately to take back her stuff from the poor when it was donated , and at least one other nun like this was featured in an episode. In one episode of Leverage , Parker dresses as a nun. The audience knew that she wasn't, but it was still an amusing scene. Especially when she pulls up her skirt to reach lockpicks attached to her leg and uses a fake bible to take an imprint of a key and make a plastic duplicate.

      Nate kept stressing "She's not a nun". She pulled a gun on him when thinking he had a hand in stopping Jack of delivering cancer drugs, and he, Elliot, and Hardison work together to take down two drug lords after them. Sybil on Camelot is manipulative, cunning, and delves into pagan magic more than once, up to and including "sacrificing" girls studying at her Convent whether they died as a result is left unclear to keep spiritual forces at bay. Her bearing and behavior are not quite right—it turns out she was a thief planning to steal the tax money being stored in the chapel.

      Sister Jude is vindictive, cruel to several of the patients at Briarcliff , and is clearly infatuated with Monsignor Howard , and gets the heroine Lana committed to keep her from exposing the inhumane treatments of the asylum. When Jude goes through a massive Break the Haughty routine as well as some light shed on her own past, she is revealed to have some Hidden Depths.

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      Sister Mary Eunice starts off as a genuinely sweet girl who is way in over her head and only wants to get Sister Jude's approval. When she's possessed by the Devil himself , she plays this straight, though it's revealed she's been Fighting from the Inside , and once she's able to regain control of herself for a brief moment, she begs Monsignor Howard to kill her and stop the Devil.

      Prince Edmund in The Black Adder episode "The Archbishop", when he becomes Archbishop despite not believing in God, because King Richard wants him to discourage the pentient from leaving their money to the church. There's also several gags about Naughty Nuns.

      Naughty Nuns

      Edmund : Selling the sexual favours of nuns? You mean some people actually pay? Bloodline has the Shengdi nuns, who are elite combat warriors of the Church Militant organization. Some are mild while other can be more Knight Templar , not caring who is in the way of their missions. The Jake Thackray song Sister Josephine is about a criminal on the run and disguised as a nun. His co-nuns are quite oblivious to the fact; Hilarity Ensues.

      Tabletop Games. The board game Nuns on the Run has the players as mischievous young novice nuns, sneaking about the abbey at night trying to fulfill their "secret wish" while avoiding the patrolling Abbess and Prioress, who are controlled by other players. In Warhammer Fantasy battles Nagash used his posistion as head of church when he tried to conquer the world his first time.

      Exalted features Sulamore, one of the signature characters of the Infernal Exalted, who wears clothing approaching a nun's vestments, but a she acts as a servitor of the will of the Yozis upon creation, and b there's a reason that clothing is "approaching" a nun's vestments. It is also saying something that Sulumor is one of the more conservatively dressed female characters in Exalted canon. Compare the Lady of Darkness in Bloodstained Robes, who is a high priestess of the Neverborn, the dead cousins of the Yozis, who wears Well, the jury is still out on whether what she has constitutes wearing something.

      She's definitely got a skirt on. Video Games. In La Pucelle , Prier is rude, very violent inside and outside her demon hunting job , steals on occasion from the Church, doesn't take prayer that seriously, and sometimes outright decides to go against their own Holy Scriptures. Everyone calls her out on that. In a hidden ending of the game, Prier can even become a Demon Overlord!

      Prier appears as a Demon Overlord in the Disgaea games.

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      Considering that there have been roughtly six games in that series not counting spinoffs , She's been depicted as a demon more than she has been a nun, to the point that an Updated Re-release of La Pucelle included a second quest featuring Demon Overlord Prier. Indeed, it wasn't until Disgaea D2 that she even had an option to appear as her Human side.

      Skullgirls has Double, the demon who's true appearance is a morphing creature of Body Horror. Played with in that she is an agent of the Trinity The H-Game series Kango Shicyauzo features one nun who 'sometimes falls asleep when she is in bed with a boyfriend', a second who apparently fell in love with a priest and joined the sisterhood in order to stalk him, and a third who is the biological mother of one of her students In the iPhone app and Xbox Indie game Twin Blades , we might excuse the heavy weapons she carts around as necessary for killing zombies.

      The revealing red dress and white stockings, though Dragon Age: Origins gives us Lel iana who used to be a nun before she joined your party. While she qualifies for this trope based on how unlike the nuns of her setting she is, there are several subversions here. The big one is she disagrees with Chantry dogma and believes the creator is a loving god instead of an indifferent one.

      She says she takes care of both the body and the soul.