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They might interpret a guy being possessive and controlling as a sign he really loves them, when actually it's a warning sign of possible violence or danger to come. Having dealt with the perils of young and not so young love, Louise broadened her horizons considerably for her next book, Brilliant Psychology: How to Understand Yourself and Other People.

The two often don't marry very well, so we are prone to all sorts of psychological problems.

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I wanted to do an introduction to psychology that was easy to understand and would help people to use psychology in day-to-day life. That was a stiff task, because psychology has so many branches. Trying to get a flavour of that while making it fun and accessible was quite challenging. I wanted to keep it rigorous, yet not let it become turgid or a hard read.

The Psychology of Twilight

Brilliant Psychology has a practical slant to help illuminate everyday life. Aimed at the general public rather than academics, it covers topics such as intelligence, how the mind works, emotions and personality before moving on to explore the way we interact with each other through friendship and relationships.

Louise also looks at the dark and difficult side of how we treat each other and why we lie, betray, cheat, and fight, but ends the book on positive psychology with a look at happiness. Having built a fascinating career from using psychology to improve our lives, what is Louise's tip for happy friendships and relationships? Machiavellianism - people we'd recognise as users and manipulators. Psychopathy - people who don't have empathy, don't have the usual feelings of guilt and pro-social emotions.

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