e-book When Cancer Strikes a Friend: What to Say, What to Do, and How to Help

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See your healthcare professional for medical advice and treatment.

Things Not To Say To Someone With Cancer

The opinions, statements, and claims expressed by the columnists, advertisers, and contributors to Healthycellsmagazine. All information on this website is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without written permission from Limelight Communications, Inc. It can create a surge of emotions including anger, fear, shock and denial. It abruptly halts the normal routines. Newly diagnosed patients find themselves in crisis mode trying to learn everything they can about their condition, spending a great deal of time having additional tests and procedures completed, as well as traveling from doctor to doctor to determine the best treatment option.

This also is a difficult time for family and friends of the person just diagnosed.

When Hair Loss Strikes, a Doctor Is a Girl’s Best Friend

Not only are they dealing with some of the same emotional issues that their loved one is experiencing, but many times they are struggling with the fear to call or to visit, because they just do not know what to say. What do you say when someone is newly diagnosed with cancer? The question is difficult because there is not a correct answer that fits everyone. Supportive encouragement given to one person may not be right for the next person. Books are available on this topic to help guide people. The title alone is reassuring!

It is a collection of anecdotes and stories put together by the author, who counseled people with serious illness for years, and drew upon her own experience with cancer. In the preface of this book, the author talks about a call she received from a friend when she was having some personal health problems.

What to Say When Cancer Strikes

It too has great suggestions. Each day you lose about 50 to hairs but, when all is well with your body, an equal number is growing back. Lifestyle upsets, including severe stress death in the family, divorce, job loss and changes in your diet crash programs, lack of protein , can cause your hair to shed more rapidly than normal.

Besides antidepressants, beta blockers and anti- acne prescriptions can also temporarily disrupt the growth cycle of your hair. And take note: medications with testosterone , which women may take to increase their sex drive, can also cause hair loss. Certain medical issues can also impair hair growth. An overactive or underactive thyroid gland can cause hair loss. So can iron deficiency. When women go through menopause and their estrogen levels fall, their hair often begins to thin. Many women also lose some hair a few months after giving birth because of the hormonal changes the body experiences.

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Now for some guidance:. No matter what the cause, the sooner you address the problem the better for you and your hair. Marc Avram, a dermatologist in private practice with offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn. View all New York Times newsletters. If the blood test reveals that you have low iron, for instance, your doctor will put you on a supplement.

When Cancer Strikes a Friend

If your hair loss seems to be the result of menopause, you and your doctor can discuss whether hormone replacement therapy would be a good idea. Piliang said. The dermatologists I spoke with estimated that about half of the women they saw for hair loss had an identifiable trigger that could be addressed with medication, hormones or better nutrition.

The most effective topical medication for the condition is minoxidil brand name Rogaine , the only treatment for hair loss in women that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Minoxidil can take six months or even a year to work.

follow site Avram estimates that the drug, which must be applied twice a day, stops hair loss in 80 percent of the women who use it properly and it can actually stimulate hair regrowth in about half the users. Your doctor might also suggest the prescription pill finasteride, sold under the brand name Propecia and also in generic versions. In fact, my profession added the bonus that I could exploit my experience in my work, which I did. I had opportunities at my disposal to gain positive advantages from an unfortunate situation. In general, I think, how upbeat one feels about a debilitating bout of curable illness relies a lot on the advantage or disadvantage of the state of your life before diagnosis.

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